Experience Dublin’s Bay. Only 30 minutes of scenic train journey from the City Center!!


Howth, Dublin bay, is where the metropolis runs right into Mother Nature, all you require if you are looking to relax and re-energize!

After a short walk over the Harbour, the Lighthouse watching over the entrance of the port is a charming treasure.  Strolling down the pier you can take a view of the Ireland’s Eye and with a closer look, even spot a seal!!   Howth head opens out to a small fishing village.  The cliff path leads around the cost line, through the village where the view is breath-taking but it’s well worth the walk.

If the salty air around the bay makes you feel hungry, then don’t worry, we have a solution! Cod and ray are normally caught here and are world famous.  Where travellers wave in and out, the restaurants on the seafront serve the catch of the day to starving hikers just back from the Howth walk.

There is more in Howth than fishing, It’s one of the most beautiful sights that Dublin has to offer.


Donna – Online CELTA


What about starting a new career as an English Teacher?  

If you don’t have time for a Full time course, check  Donna’s experience with our CELTA Online teacher training course:


“I had been thinking about teaching English for a while and a friend said that I should do the CELTA course as it is a very well recognised course and set at a high standard. So I went about researching the course and found that a lot of schools offered the full-time 4 week course but I work full-time and I wouldn’t have been able to take 4 weeks off. I then came across the online course in IH Dublin and although the course work was online we still had to be in the school for teaching practice on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon. I was lucky that I could use my holidays from work to attend the teaching practice. So, I applied, did the interview and was accepted.

 The website that we used to do the course work online was really easy to use and the units were well put together. There was a forum section where we submitted our tasks on a weekly basis, an area that we could ask each other questions and a portfolio section where we uploaded all our assignments and teaching practice material. I never had any issues with the website, it worked very well. The units were really well explained and there was a great mix of reading, multiple choice questions and videos. We had a weekly call with our tutor for the assisted lesson planning and it worked really well. The tutors were available over email or by phone whenever we needed them so I don’t feel I lost out with the course being online. Even if I had a choice of doing the full-time course, I am glad I chose to do the online course as it is over 15 weeks and as the course is so intense it gives you that bit more time to study and do your lesson planning.

 There were 5 of us doing the online course and for some of the units we had to do group work so you are always interacting with your fellow classmates either over email or through the forum. We all bonded really well. We had our own WhatsApp group where we would ask each other questions, ask for help and just general chat. The great thing about the course is that we all shared ideas and encouraged each other. We really supported each other and the tutors supported us as well. We never felt lost during the course because there was always someone there to help.

 For me, doing this course was the best thing I have ever done. It has shown me that teaching English is something that I definitely want to do. It has given me more confidence to speak in front of people and I have met some really lovely people that I will stay in contact with. I would definitely recommend the online CELTA course and in particular for anyone who works if you can get the time off. The course has given me the tools and confidence to teach and I am currently pursuing a career as an ESL teacher.”

Donna – Online CELTA student  – May 2016



Cambridge and IELTS Exams


Which Exam Courses are on offer at IH Dublin?

Plenty! As a recognised Testing Centre for the Cambridge Exam Preparation exams, we are authorised to offer the First Certificate Exam (FCE), Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) and The Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE).

The Cambridge Exams are among the most widely recognised English language examinations in the world and students can take their course and exam here at our school in Dublin.

Further information on dates and prices at our School in Dublin can be found Here!

And what about IELTS?

The IELTS Exams (International English Language Testing System exam), devised by the British Council and University of Cambridge, is a key exam for many Irish, UK and Australian universities for entry to degree courses. The accepted score for entrance to universities is 6 and above.

Our IELTS courses start every months and exam dates can be viewed Here

So, Which is it gonna be? Please Contact Us with any questions and as always, Keep an eye on our Facebook and Website for updates!

Matteo – English and Internship Programme


Looking for an Internship experience in an English speaking environment? Our Former student Matteo did just that. Read about his experiences below:

Hi everybody! My name is Matteo and I decided to quit my job in Italy, move abroad and  try an international work experience. At the moment I am attending an Internship in a Logistic Company based in Dublin.

Before coming here, I was very afraid about finding something that could help me to reach my goal as because moving to another city always requires long time. I asked the International House Lake Como team lingue if after the English Course, always useful for any level, I could find an internship in an area of personal interest.

As soon as I finished in the school, I began the internship lasting 3 months. It is a wonderful experience in many aspects. First of all I am improving my English day by day not only specific terms linked to the daily tasks but also idioms and many other current language expressions. Another important factor is that working in a foreign country allows you to understand (what is) the meaning of corporate culture. Colleagues and management are very friendly and they really do a lot of training and all of the people are very cheerful and easy-going.

Definitely I suggest this kind of experience both for those who want to move far away from his country and also for those who want to increase their professional skills. Last but not least I recommend to everybody to come to Dublin, even though all Ireland deserves a mention. The City is safe and not overcrowded and people are very sociable. A lot of cultural, landscape and musical activities complete the framework of an extraordinary country.

Thanks Matteo! For more information on our Internships, Please feel free to contact us Here 

Remember! Our Website is available in 5 Languages! Italian, French, Spanish, German and of course English!

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Young at Heart – Our over 50’s course!


Looking to improve your English with like-minded peers?

Our over 50’s course provides a chance for mature learners (Refreshers, Improvers, Enthusiasts) of English to take part in a tailored course and Social Programme.

The programme is designed around the different needs and interests of mature learners and developed from feedback from previous courses and the constantly changing needs of students.

When, you ask?

Our 2015 Start dates are:

8th June, 20th July, 21st September and 30th November.

Further information can be found here in English Italiano Français Deutsch and Español!

As always, Contact Us or email Robert@ihdublin.com with any questions you might have!

Young Adult Summer Programme


The What?

The Young Adult Summer Programme. A tailored English Language Summer Programme specifically aimed at 16 – 18 year olds.

When? Where? 

The course will run during the summer months (June, July and August) and takes place in our Adult School on Dawson street in Dublin City Centre. Accommodation is in one of our excellent Host Families in Dublin

What else do I need to know!?

The Young Adult programme has it’s own Social Programme of Visits, activities and excursions which can be booked in advanced or booked on arrival. The choice is yours!

Need more information? Email Robert@ihdublin.com or Contact us through our website Here!

Short Term Cambridge Courses


What’s New?
In addition to our Long running and highly successful 8, 10 and 12 week Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses, we are delighted to introduce new 4 week Intensive Courses for Summer 2015!

For FCE – The 6th and 27th of July
For CAE – the 29th of June and 27th of July

Cambridge Exam Centre
IH Dublin is an authorised Cambridge Exam Centre which means students can take the preparation courses with us and sit the exam at the end of course at the school. Our teachers for Exam Courses are highly qualified and experienced and include University of Cambridge Examiners.

Want to know More?
All of the information about our Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses is available on our website or Contact us here or email us directly at Info@ihdublin.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!